Basic Gear For Staging A Live Performance

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I taped live shows for a music management company. Sometimes I had a camera crew of four, but most of the time it was only me as a one man camera crew. I learned a lot and saw a lot covering these shows at clubs all over Southern California.

When Potbelly performed during the Texas Buzz Show at Scout Bar a few weeks ago, I had to go. I wanted to see what they were all about. The band is very unique, funny and truly lives for the live show. Seriously. They plan their songs a certain way and china stage light request certain led stage lighting changes to create a mood.

FIX IT: Use a WHITE Highlighter Pencil on the inside lower lash line and on the outside corner of the eyes to brighten the eyes and make them look bigger.

Focus on the piano for effect -- in case you need to deliver a masterpiece you might like some grand effect as well. How about using a grand piano lamp what throws good light on the piano, the piano keys and the music sheets and creates a grand stage effect?

The best piece of advice that can be given when shooting indoors, in these conditions, is to experiment with your settings and shoot as much as possible. Only then will you understand how to become a master at concert photography.

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